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Technological advances in pediatric epilepsy surgery: implications for tuberous sclerosis complex

05-May-2017 | Merel Boom; Jeffrey S Raskin; Daniel J Curry; Howard L Weiner; Jurriaan M Peters, Future Neurology, 2017

In selected children with tuberous sclerosis complex, epilepsy surgery leads to seizure freedom or seizure reduction. The current standard involves a multimodal pre-surgical workup followed by invasive electrocorticographic monitoring and resective surgery. Recent insights in the disorder and ...


RNA as a stroke biomarker

05-May-2017 | Nicholas E Swyngedouw; Glen C Jickling, Future Neurology, 2017

A biomarker to aid in the diagnosis of ischemic stroke and its causes would be of value in acute clinical practice. It could have applications to aid in acute stroke treatment decisions for tissue plasminogen activator and/or the triage to endovascular therapy. A stroke biomarker may also be ...


New cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease

05-May-2017 | Jennifer T Burchell; Peter K Panegyres, Future Neurology, 2017

Future Neurology May 2017, Vol. 12, No. 2, Pages 53-56.


Translational obstacles with off-label drug use in acute traumatic brain injury

30-Mar-2017 | Sara Mirzaei; Andrea M Reinig; Daniel J Berlau, Future Neurology, 2017

Traumatic brain injury results in significant morbidity and mortality, and there is an urgent need for neuroprotective medications that can prevent the persisting symptoms and disabilities following injury. Several existing pharmacotherapies have been targeted for off-label benefit in traumatic ...


Lost and found: what we have learned from the progesterone for traumatic brain injury trials

30-Mar-2017 | Donald G Stein, Future Neurology, 2017

A short opinion piece updating “Lost in translation: understanding the failure of the progesterone/traumatic brain injury Phase III trials”


Women and schizophrenia: planning for the future

30-Mar-2017 | Noa A Brzezinski-Sinai; Mary V Seeman, Future Neurology, 2017

The aim of this narrative review is to provide readers with a summary of the recent literature on women and schizophrenia and to address commonly asked questions about the role of gender in this illness. Important gender distinctions were found in the knowledge base around schizophrenia, ...


Perceptions of clinical neurosciences among trainees in Wuhan, China

30-Mar-2017 | Rimas V Lukas; Hongmei Dong; Jinxin Li; Zefen Wang; Ivy Jiang; Renslow Sherer, Future Neurology, 2017

Aim: Understand attitudes of Chinese medical students toward clinical neuroscience at a time of medical education reform. Methods: A survey assessed Chinese medical students’ self-perceived knowledge of neurology and comfort in diagnosing/managing neurological disorders. An assessment of ...


Space headaches

30-Mar-2017 | Parisa Gazerani, Future Neurology, 2017

Future Neurology Ahead of Print.


Contribution of maternal hypertension to autism etiology in a murine model; cerebellar gene expression

25-Jan-2017 | Hind N Moussa; Baha M Sibai; Sean C Blackwell; Mateo G Leon; Michael J Hylin; John B Redell; Yin Liu; Pramod K Dash; ..., Future Neurology, 2017

Aim: To study the contribution of maternal hypertension to autism spectrum disorders’ (ASD) phenotype, and gene expression, in a murine model. Materials & methods: To examine the effects of maternal hypertension, we used a well-described transgenic mouse model lacking functional endothelial ...


What can the topology of white matter structural networks tell us about mild cognitive impairment?

25-Jan-2017 | Rok Berlot; Michael J O'Sullivan, Future Neurology, 2017

The focus of investigation in cognitive disorders has shifted from single regional motifs toward brain networks. White matter connections collectively form the connectome, and provide the underpinnings of distributed patterns of brain activity. We examine findings about large-scale properties of ...


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