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Rapid fabrication of detachable three‐dimensional tissues by layering of cell sheets with heating centrifuge

18-Jan-2018 | Yuji Haraguchi, Yuki Kagawa, Akiyuki Hasegawa, Hirotsugu Kubo, Tatsuya Shimizu, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Confluent cultured cells on a temperature‐responsive culture dish can be harvested as an intact cell sheet by decreasing temperature below 32°C. A three‐dimensional (3‐D) tissue can be fabricated by the layering of cell sheets. A resulting 3‐D multi‐layered cell sheet‐tissue on a ...


Effects of ultrasonication variables on the activity and properties of alpha amylase preparation

18-Jan-2018 | Thi Thu Tra Tran, Khanh Tien Nguyen, Van Viet Man Le, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Recently, ultrasound was demonstrated to increase enzyme activity in food industry. In most studies, an enzyme‐substrate mixture was ultrasonicated. Very little is reported on the ultrasonication of enzyme preparation; the effects of ultrasonication variables on the enzyme activity ...


Investigation of the Free Heavy Chain Homodimers of a Monoclonal Antibody

17-Jan-2018 | Hyo (Helen) Chung, Lynette Buck, Kristi Daris, Brent Welborn, Quanzhou Luo, Jette Wypych, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are composed of two heavy chain (HC) and two light chain (LC) polypeptides. The proper folding and assembly of HC and LC is critical for antibody production. Current dogma indicates that the free HCs are retained in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) unless ...


Analysis of Recombinant Human Serum Albumin Extraction & Degradation in Transgenic Rice Extracts

08-Jan-2018 | Kseniya A. Sheshukova, Lisa R. Wilken, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Transgenic plant systems have successfully been used to express recombinant proteins, including rice seed‐expressed recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA), without the risk of contamination of human pathogens. Developing an efficient extraction process is critical as the step ...


Physicochemical and catalytic properties of acylase I from Aspergillus melleus immobilized on amino‐ and carbonyl‐grafted Stöber silica

08-Jan-2018 | Agnieszka Kołodziejczak‐Radzimska, Jakub Zdarta, Teofil Jesionowski, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Acylase I from Aspergillus melleus was immobilized on supports consisting of unmodified and modified silica. Modification was performed using 3‐aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) and glutaraldehyde (GA). The effectiveness of immobilization was investigated using the standard Bradford ...


Concomitant reduction of lactate and ammonia accumulation in fed‐batch cultures: Impact on glycoprotein production and quality

05-Jan-2018 | Eric Karengera, Anna Robotham, John Kelly, Yves Durocher, Gregory De Crescenzo, Olivier Henry, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Lactate and ammonia accumulation is a major factor limiting the performance of fed‐batch strategies for mammalian cell culture processes. In addition to the detrimental effects of these by‐products on production yield, ammonia also contributes to recombinant glycoprotein quality ...


Protein A Chromatography Resin Lifetime ‐ Impact of Feed Composition

05-Jan-2018 | Mili Pathak, Katherine Lintern, Daniel G. Bracewell, Anurag S. Rathore, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Adsorbent lifetime during protein A chromatography is not readily predicted or understood, representing a key challenge to be addressed for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. This paper focuses on the impact of feed composition on the performance of a typical agarose based protein A ...


HPV‐16 targeted DNA vaccine expression: The role of purification

05-Jan-2018 | Ana M. Almeida, Joana Tomás, Patrícia Pereira, João A. Queiroz, Fani Sousa, Ângela Sousa, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract DNA vaccines have come to light in the last decades as an alternative method to prevent many infectious diseases, but they can also be used for the treatment of specific diseases, such as cervical cancer caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This virus produces E6 and E7 oncoproteins, ...


Leveraging Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration to Enable Decoupling of Upstream and Downstream Monoclonal Antibody Processing

05-Jan-2018 | Alex Brinkmann, Sanaa Elouafiq, John Pieracci, Matthew Westoby, Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Decoupling upstream and downstream operations in biopharmaceutical production could enable more flexible manufacturing operations and could allow companies to leverage strategic or financial benefits that would be otherwise unattainable. A decoupling process was developed and ...


Online measurement of the respiratory activity in shake flasks enables the identification of cultivation phases and patterns indicating recombinant protein production in various E. coli host strains

05-Jan-2018 | Nina Ihling, Natalie Bittner, Sylvia Diederichs, Maximilian Schelden, Anna Korona, Georg Theo Höfler, Alexander Fult ..., Biotechnology Progress, 2018

Abstract Escherichia coli is commonly used for recombinant protein production with many available host strains. Screening experiments are often performed in batch mode using shake flasks and evaluating only the final product concentration. This conventional approach carries the risk of missing ...


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