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Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Various Substituted Oxadiazole Derivatives

01-Jul-2011 | Kaur, Hemlata; Kumar, Sunil; Verma, R. S.; Garg, Amit; Saxena, K. K.; Lata, Suman; Kumar, Ashok, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract Some new 2‐(2‐(4(4‐substitutedbenzoyl‐2‐methylphenoxy)acetyl)‐N‐(2‐substitutedphenyl) hydrazinecarbothioamides (4a–4j) and (4‐((5‐(2‐substitutedphenylamino)‐1,3,4‐oxadiazol‐2‐yl)methoxy)‐3‐substitutedphenyl)(phenyl)methanones (5a–5j) have been synthesized from ...


Thienopyrimidines as Novel Inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberclosis: Synthesis and In‐vitro Studies

01-Jul-2011 | Rashmi, P.; Nargund, Laxmi Venkatesh Gurachar; Hazra, Kuntal; Chandra, J. N. Narendra Sharath, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract A series of novel 5,6‐unsubstituted thieno‐[2,3‐d]‐pyrimidines has been synthesized and tested for growth inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv. Of twelve compounds synthesized eleven have shown antimycobacterial activity that differs in potency. Compounds 7b, 7c, 7d, 7e, 7f, ...


Synthesis and Biological Activities of 2‐Amino‐thiazole‐5‐carboxylic Acid Phenylamide Derivatives

01-Jul-2011 | Liu, Wukun; Zhou, Jinpei; Qi, Fan; Bensdorf, Kerstin; Li, Zhiyu; Zhang, Huibin; Qian, Hai; Huang, Wenlong; Cai, Xuet ..., Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract In an attempt to develop potent and selective anti‐tumor drugs, a series of novel 2‐amino‐thiazole‐5‐carboxylic acid phenylamide derivatives were designed based on the structure of dasatinib. All compounds were synthesized by a systematic combinatorial chemical approach. Biological ...


Synthesis of Some Triazolophthalazine Derivatives for Their Anti‐Inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activities

21-Jun-2011 | Habib, Nargues S.; Farghaly, Ahmed M.; Ashour, Fawzia A.; Bekhit, Adnan A.; Abd El Razik, Heba A.; Abd El Azeim, Tarek, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract Several novel series of triazolophthalazine derivatives namely; pyrazolylethenyltriazolophthalazinones (4a–d), styryltriazolophthalazinones (5a,b), aryloxopropenyltriazolophthalazinones (7a,b), pyrazolinyl‐ (8a,b), (9a,b) and (10a–f), pyrazolyl‐ (11a–d), ...


Design, Synthesis, and Preliminary Activity Evaluation of Novel Peptidomimetics as Aminopeptidase N/CD13 Inhibitors

16-Jun-2011 | Li, Xun; Wang, Junli; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Wenfang, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract The synthesis of a series of novel N‐α‐galloylated isoglutamic acid γ‐amide peptidomimetics is described. Their enzymatic inhibition against aminopeptidase N (APN/CD13) and matrix metalloproteinase‐2 (MMP‐2) was tested. The preliminary activity assay revealed that most of the compounds ...


Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Isatin‐Based Pyrazolines and Thiazolidines Conjugates

16-Jun-2011 | Havrylyuk, Dmytro; Kovach, Natalya; Zimenkovsky, Borys; Vasylenko, Olexandr; Lesyk, Roman, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract The synthesis and antitumor activity screening of novel isatin based conjugates with thiazolidine and pyrazoline moieties were performed. Reaction of 3,5‐diaryl‐4,5‐dihydropyrazoles with chloroacetyl chloride yielded starting 2‐chloro‐1‐(3,5‐diaryl‐4,5‐dihydropyrazol‐1‐yl)‐ethanones ...


Synthesis, Anti‐inflammatory and Analgesic Evaluation of Certain New 3a,4,9,9a‐Tetrahydro‐4,9‐benzenobenz[f]isoindole‐1,3‐diones

16-Jun-2011 | Abu‐Hashem, A. A.; Gouda, M. A., Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract In an effort to establish new candidates with improved analgesic and anti‐inflammatory activities, we reported here the synthesis and in‐vivo analgesic and anti‐inflammatory evaluation of various series of 2‐substituted‐3a,4,9,9a‐tetrahydro‐4,9‐benzeno‐benz[f]isoindole‐1,3‐diones: ...


Licofelone–Nitric Oxide Donors as Anticancer Agents

16-Jun-2011 | Liu, Wukun; Zhou, Jinpei; Liu, Yinglin; Liu, Haoran; Bensdorf, Kerstin; Guo, Cancheng; Gust, Ronald, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract Five licofelone ([2,2‐dimethyl‐6‐(4‐chlorophenyl)‐7‐phenyl‐2,3‐dihydro‐1H‐pyrrolizin‐5‐yl]acetic acid) nitric oxide donor conjugates were developed by a parallel synthesis approach. The biological screening revealed that compounds with a propyl (6b), butyl (6c), or octyl (6d) chain ...


Synthesis and In‐vitro Antibacterial Activity of 7‐(3‐Aminopyrrolo[3,4‐c]pyrazol‐5(2H,4H,6H)‐yl)‐6‐fluoro‐4‐oxo‐1,4‐dihydroquinoline‐3‐carboxylic Acid Derivatives

08-Jun-2011 | Guo, Xin; Bai, Xiao‐Guang; Li, Yi‐Liang; An, Zhi‐Jiao; Xu, Le‐Xing; Han, Li‐you; ..., Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract A series of novel 7‐(3‐aminopyrrolo[3,4‐c]pyrazol‐5(2H,4H,6H)‐yl)‐6‐fluoro‐4‐oxo‐1,4‐dihydroquinoline‐3‐carboxylic acid derivatives was designed, synthesized and characterized by 1H‐NMR, MS and HRMS. These fluoroquinolones were evaluated for their in‐vitro antibacterial activity ...


Synthesis and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities of 5,7‐Dihydroxycoumarin Derivatives

01-Jun-2011 | Chin, Yi‐Ping; Huang, Wei‐Jan; Hsu, Feng‐Lin; Lin, Yuh‐Ling; Lin, Mei‐Hsiang, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2011

Abstract This study examines the synthesis and antibacterial activities of 5,7‐dihydroxycoumarin derivatives, whose structures were confirmed using analytical and spectral data. Twenty compounds were tested for their antibacterial activities against five microbial species such as E. coli, S. ...


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