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[Research Article] Laser spectroscopy of muonic deuterium

The deuteron is the simplest compound nucleus, composed of one proton and one neutron. Deuteron properties such as the root-mean-square charge radius rd and the polarizability serve as important benchmarks for understanding the nuclear forces and structure. Muonic deuterium μd is the exotic atom formed by a deuteron and a negative muon μ–. We measured three 2S-2P transitions in μd and obtain rd = 2.12562(78) fm, which is 2.7 times more accurate but 7.5σ smaller than the CODATA-2010 value rd = 2.1424(21) fm. The μd value is also 3.5σ smaller than the rd value from electronic deuterium spectroscopy. The smaller rd, when combined with the electronic isotope shift, yields a “small” proton radius rp, similar to the one from muonic hydrogen, amplifying the proton radius puzzle. Authors: Randolf Pohl, François Nez, Luis M. P. Fernandes, Fernando D. Amaro, François Biraben, João M. R. Cardoso, Daniel S. Covita, Andreas Dax, Satish Dhawan, Marc Diepold, Adolf Giesen, Andrea L. Gouvea, Thomas Graf, Theodor W. Hänsch, Paul Indelicato, Lucile Julien, Paul Knowles, Franz Kottmann, Eric-Olivier Le Bigot, Yi-Wei Liu, José A. M. Lopes, Livia Ludhova, Cristina M. B. Monteiro, Françoise Mulhauser, Tobias Nebel, Paul Rabinowitz, Joaquim M. F. dos Santos, Lukas A. Schaller, Karsten Schuhmann, Catherine Schwob, David Taqqu, João F. C. A. Veloso, Aldo Antognini,

Authors:   Randolf Pohl; François Nez; Luis M. P. Fernandes; Fernando D. Amaro; François Biraben; João M. R. Cardoso; Daniel S. Covita; Andreas Dax; Satish Dhawan; Marc Diepold; Adolf Giesen; Andrea L. Gouvea; Thomas Graf; Theodor W. Hänsch; Paul Indelicato; Lucile Julien; Paul Knowles; Franz Kottmann; Eric-Olivier Le Bigot; Yi-Wei Liu; José A. M. Lopes; Livia Ludhova; Cristina M. B. Monteiro; Françoise Mulhauser; Tobias Nebel; Paul Rabinowitz; Joaquim M. F. dos Santos; Lukas A. Schaller; Karsten Schuhmann; Catherine Schwob; David Taqqu; João F. C. A. Veloso; Aldo Antognini; The CREMA Collaboration
Journal:   Science
Volume:   353
edition:   6300
Year:   2016
Pages:   669
DOI:   10.1126/science.aaf2468
Publication date:   12-Aug-2016
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • Proton
  • deuterium
  • neutron
  • laser spectroscopy
  • hydrogen
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