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Coming of age: ten years of next-generation sequencing technologies

Nature Reviews Genetics 17, 333 (2016). doi:10.1038/nrg.2016.49

Authors: Sara Goodwin, John D. McPherson & W. Richard McCombie

Since the completion of the human genome project in 2003, extraordinary progress has been made in genome sequencing technologies, which has led to a decreased cost per megabase and an increase in the number and diversity of sequenced genomes. An astonishing complexity of genome architecture

Authors:   Sara Goodwin; John D. McPherson; W. Richard McCombie
Journal:   Nature Reviews Genetics
Volume:   17
edition:   6
Year:   2016
Pages:   333
DOI:   10.1038/nrg.2016.49
Publication date:   01-Jun-2016
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