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Treatment of Vinca minor Leaves with Methyl Jasmonate Extensively Alters the Pattern and Composition of Indole Alkaloids

Alkaloids extracted from mature Vinca minor leaves were fractionated by preparative HPLC. By means of HRMS and NMR data, the main alkaloids were identified as vincamine, strictamine, 10-hydroxycathofoline, and vincadifformine. Upon treatment with methyl jasmonate (MeJA), the pattern and composition of the indole alkaloids changed extensively. While 10-hydroxycathofoline and strictamine concentrations remained unaltered, vincamine and vincadifformine levels showed a dramatic reduction. Upon MeJA treatment, four other indole alkaloids were detected in high quantities. Three of these alkaloids have been identified as minovincinine, minovincine, and 9-methoxyvincamine. Whereas minovincinine and minovincine are known to occur in trace amounts in V. minor, 9-methoxyvincamine represents a novel natural product. Based on the high similarities of vincamine and 9-methoxyvincamine and their inverse changes in concentrations, it is postulated that vincamine is a precursor of 9-methoxyvincamine. Similarly, vincadiffor...

Authors:   Sara Abouzeid; Ulrike Beutling; Frank Surup; Fatma M. Abdel Bar; Mohamed M. Amer; Farid A. Badria; Mahdi Yahyazadeh; Mark Brönstrup; Dirk Selmar
Journal:   Journal of Natural Products
Year:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.jnatprod.7b00424
Publication date:   13-Nov-2017
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  • indole
  • methyl jasmonate
  • alkaloids
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