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Interleukin-1beta (IL-1β)-induced Notch ligand Jagged1 suppresses mitogenic action of IL-1β on human dystrophic myogenic cells

by Yuki Nagata, Tohru Kiyono, Kikuo Okamura, Yu-ichi Goto, Masafumi Matsuo, Madoka Ikemoto-Uezumi, Naohiro Hashimoto

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a severe X-linked recessive muscle disorder caused by mutations in the dystrophin gene. Nonetheless, secondary processes involving perturbation of muscle regeneration probably exacerbate disease progression, resulting in the fatal loss of muscle in DMD patients. A dysfunction of undifferentiated myogenic cells is the most likely cause for the reduction of regenerative capacity of muscle. To clarify molecular mechanisms in perturbation of the regenerative capacity of DMD muscle, we have established several NCAM (CD56)-positive immortalized human dystrophic and non-dystrophic myogenic cell lines from DMD and healthy muscles. A pro-inflammatory cytokine, IL-1β, promoted cell cycle progression of non-dystrophic myogenic cells but not DMD myogenic cells. In contrast, IL-1β upregulated the Notch ligand Jagged1 gene in DMD myogenic cells but not in non-dystrophic myogenic cells. Knockdown of Jagged1 in DMD myogenic cells restored the IL-1β-promoted cell cycle progression. Conversely, enforced expression of Jagged1-blocked IL-1β promoted proliferation of non-dystrophic myogenic cells. In addition, IL-1β prevented myogenic differentiation of DMD myogenic cells depending on Jagged1 but not of non-dystrophic myogenic cells. These results demonstrate that Jagged1 induced by IL-1β in DMD myogenic cells modified the action of IL-1β and reduced the ability to proliferate and differentiate. IL-1β induced Jagged1 gene expression may be a feedback response to excess stimulation with this cytokine because high IL-1β (200–1000 pg/ml) induced Jagged1 gene expression even in non-dystrophic myogenic cells. DMD myogenic cells are likely to acquire the susceptibility of the Jagged1 gene to IL-1β under the microcircumstances in DMD muscles. The present results suggest that Jagged1 induced by IL-1β plays a crucial role in the loss of muscle regeneration capacity of DMD muscles. The IL-1β/Jagged1 pathway may be a new therapeutic target to ameliorate exacerbation of muscular dystrophy in a dystrophin-independent manner.

Authors:   Yuki Nagata; Tohru Kiyono; Kikuo Okamura; Yu-ichi Goto; Masafumi Matsuo; Madoka Ikemoto-Uezumi; Naohiro Hashimoto
Journal:   PLoS ONE
Volume:   12
edition:   12
Year:   2017
Pages:   e0188821
DOI:   10.1371/journal.pone.0188821
Publication date:   01-Dec-2017
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  • cells
  • muscles
  • muscle regeneration
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