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Redefine Clone Screening and Selection: Automate to Screen More Clones in Less Time

Cut Cell Line and Antibody Development Times by Objectively Selecting High-Value Clones

Colonies are imaged and selected based on user-defined parameters. Plate handling, barcode reading and picking are fully integrated accelerating cell line development...


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Objective, Quantitative Assessment of Cell Growth

Rapid, Automated, Label-Free Imaging for Monitoring Cell Growth and Assurance of Monoclonality

Discover a high-throughput automated solution for imaging and analyzing mammalian cells. Detailed imaging and comprehensive data analysis enable better decision making...


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An Efficiency Boost for Fragment Screening, Kinetics and Affinity Measurements by Spr Spectroscopy

Within a Few Minutes OneStep Gradient Injection: Analyte Titration Over 3 to 4 Orders of Magnitude

Pall's Pioneer platform comprises instruments for high-quality surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy. These enable label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions in real-time....


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Label-free Analysis of Binding Interactions in High-Throughput

Fast protein quantification, kinetic and screening assays, all microfluidics-free

The biosensor system for high-quality kinetic screening and affinity characterization of molecular interactions - Pall FortéBio’s new Octet RED96e...


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