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Fastest possible Sample Concentration and Drying

Vacuum concentrator with high sample capacity and innovative drive system

This newly developed CHRIST-vacuum concentrator SpeedDry 2-33IR is particularly suitable for gentle concentration of DNA/RNA, proteins, and similar analysis preparations at the workplace.

The versatile rotor program provides a high sample capacity, e.g. from 216 x 1.5 ml reaction vials up to 12 x microtiter-plates or 4 x deep-well plates. In addition, large sample volumes, e.g. 100-ml-tubes that are used for the screening of active substances can be quickly concentrated thanks to the efficient energy supply with halogen IR lamps.

The innovative drive system with its powerful external rotor motor, the contact-free, central rotary coupler, and direct power transmission all guarantee safe operation even in the event of high unbalance.

The user-friendly CDplus control unit provides a quick overview of the current operating parameters. Heating temperatures between +30°C and +80°C and, of course, also the entire pressure range of the vacuum pump can be selected either manually or controlled by a program, also freeze drying possible.


  • Particularly solvent-resistant unit with a stainless-steel chamber, safety glass lid and magnetic drive without a shaft exit to the outside. Suitable for DMSO, ACN, TFA
  • CDplus control unit with a ramp programming function for pressure and temperature (16 programs max.)
  • Halogen IR lamp provide optimal energy input for fastest possible evaporation
  • Control of the energy supply as a function of the sample vessel temperature, plus an additional measurement of the product temperature in order to avoid thermal damage
  • Robust, non-contact measurement data transfer (Triple TMM) from the rotor to the control unit
  • Precise vacuum control in both directions (air injection) for reproducible processes. High-performance vacuum pumps with final vacuum of <0.1 mbar allow dual-step process “Evaporation and Freeze Drying”
  • Determination of the end of the drying process (pressure increase test) for automatic operation
  • Variable speed for substance mixtures that tend towards a delay in boiling
  • Central control of the entire system consisting of the RVC, cooling trap (LDplus/LSC), and vacuum pump (including a warm-up/cool-down function)
  • Multilingual user interface (German/English/French)

All units are “Made in Germany” within our ISO 9001- certified series production. Not to mention that CHRIST provides a qualified technical and application service.

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