Simple, Efficient, Flexible and Reliable Lab-Automation

Reliable Automation Solutions for Mid- to High-Throughput Laboratories

The automated Biomek i-Series workstations Biomek i5 and Biomek i7 have been designed to optimize dependability and walk-away time in mid- to high-throughput labs.

Numerous product innovations have been taking into account to develop a liquid handling workstation, which fits to the users evolving workflow priorities.

Multiple configuration options including single and double pipetting head model-configurations using multiple channel (96/384) or Span 8-pipetting-head-models are available. Integrated data management and the automatic validation function of the Biomek software prevent programming errors and simplify complex sample and data processing. Through this intelligent processing, the Biomek i-Series offers the best, sophisticated pipetting-technique in the market.

The Biomek i-Series offering in detail:

  • Large deck capacity enabling long runs with more walk-away time
  • Large-volume multichannel head can shorten process times
  • On-board cameras enable live broadcast & on-error video capture to expedite response time
  • Rotating gripper with unique offset fingers optimizes access to high-density decks, enabling more efficient workflows
  • Instrument status light bars show system status to simplify monitoring
  • LED-illuminated deck improves visibility when loading/unloading
  • Biomek Software provides options for easy operation and easy method authoring
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