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A Safe Reliable Alternative to Cylinders for Your GC-FID

The FID Gas Station Provides All Your GC-FID Gases from One Unique Space Saving Generator

VICI DBS FID Gas Station

VICI DBS FID Gas Station

VICI DBS FID Gas Station


The VICI DBS FID Gas Station is available in both:

  • the high purity – 99.999% PG Plus for detector gas
  • and Ultra high purity, 99.99996% NM Plus configuration for carrier gas applications

The FID Gas can be ordered in either of two different styles – flat for placement under a GC or the FID Tower to conserve bench space.

Available in a variety of H2 flow ranges up to 1 l/min and pressure up to 10.5 bar, there is an alternative to suite all individual GC and laboratory requirements.

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