Take Advantage of AR2i's Analytical Knowledge and Unique Expertise

Our Pharmaceutical Laboratory Services According to the European Pharmacopoeia or Client Needs

Our GMP-certified pharmaceutical laboratory performs a variety of services for pharmaceutical companies. It analyzes the purity of raw materials and finished products. Our dedicated experts develop analytical methods, perform stability studies under different conditions and offer their expertise in drafting the pharmaceutical part (CTD module 3) of Market Authorization.

Do You Need to Conduct an Analysis?
Our quality control laboratory carries out:

  • Identification of raw materials (active ingredients, preservatives, excipients)
  • Assay of raw materials
  • Impurities testing and assay

Do You Want to Develop an Analytical Method?
We develop analytical methods for raw materials, finished products or bulk:

  • Analytical method validation (active ingredients and excipients testing, identification and impurities testing, related substances testing, In vitro dissolution studies)
  • Analysis on the reaction of the product, its degradation or to control that no impurities have appeared (forced degradation test, container-content interaction study, In vitro dissolution testing and impurities testing)

Do You Need to Perform a Stability Study?
We test the conservation, the tracking and the analysis of products under different storage conditions according to ICH standards (in normal, intermediate or accelerated conditions)

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