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Rapid Microbiology – Quick and Easy

Test your products and raw materials for microbial limits and pathogens

The BioLumix System

Tests available for food, cosmetics and dietary supplements

The Biolumix rapid microbiological testing system facilitates simple and reliable testing of your products and raw materials for microbial limits and the absence of pathogens. Choose from a large variety of ready-to-use testing vials for total aerobic count, yeast and mold organism groups or single pathogens.

Validation according to USP and longtime experience ensure reliable results you can trust. The separation of incubation and reading zone makes the system equally suitable for solids, liquids, opaque and colored samples. It thus simplifies and speeds up the product release of food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.  

Each Biolumix incubator can flexibly be loaded with up to 32 samples. Sample preparation only takes a few minutes. The software automatically monitors and analyses each test. Thereby, handling of the Biolumix can be taught easily to every operator in short time. The modular design allows an easy extension of the system and future-proofs you for rising sample throughput.

Biolumix at a glance:

  • Rapid Microbiology testing system
  • Short hands-on time
  • Simple operation
  • Automated monitoring and evaluation
  • Test for microbial limits and absence of pathogens
  • Ready-to-use vials for bacteria as well as yeasts & molds
  • For your daily control of raw materials, product release or process control
  • Validated according to USP for food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics
  • Modular design: small footprint and easily extendable

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