Quality for PCR: Highly Active Taq Polymerase

Cost-beneficial PCR reagents for routine PCR and specialized PCR applications

Molzym's MolTaq is a highly active and robust Taq polymerase suitable for a broad range of applications, e.g. routine PCR, Real-Time PCR, nested PCR, multiplex PCR, qPCR, fingerprinting and much more.

A variety of kits are available for the high performance PCR amplification in daily routine. MolTaq is the recombinant Taq polymerase kit supplying PCR buffer incl. MgCl2.  MolTaq basic enables the optimization of PCR amplification by variation of Mg2+ concentration.

Red dye-containing kits MolTaqRED and MolTaqRED basic support easy pipetting control and direct gel loading. With Hot MolTaq and Hot MolTaq basic kits are available which allow room temperature setup with no separate activation step.

Furthermore, the enhancer provided to all kits allows the amplification of GC-rich or difficult templates.

MolTaq incorporates at higher rates modified nucleotides and can be used for the introduction of new restriction sites or site specific mutagenesis.

Key benefits:

  • Highly active Taq polymerase
  • Suitable for PCR and Real-Time PCR
  • Stained PCR reagents for pipetting control and direct gel loading (MolTaqRED and MolTaqRED basic)
  • Reaction setup at room temperature (Hot MolTaq and Hot MolTaq basic)
  • PCR enhancer for amplification of GC rich and difficult DNA templates
  • Batch to batch quality
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