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High-Throughput-Screening Microplate Reader

Sub-Headline: Ultimate Sensivity, Speed and Flexibility: PHERAstar FSX

The new Gold Standard HTS reader PHERAstar FSX

Stacker for continuous loading, unloading and restacking of up to 50 microplates

Assay-specific Optic Modules, fully-equipped, installed in seconds

The automated focal height adjustment ensures the best signal-to-noise ratio in all detection modes and all plate formats.

Looking for the best HTS microplate reader available? Then look no further than the PHERAstar FSX from BMG LABTECH, the Microplate Reader Company.

Based upon the successful PHERAstar FS, the PHERAstar FSX incorporates features not found on other microplate readers, including:

  • The most sensitive reader in Fluorescence Intensity and Polarization
  • Fastest read times with Simultaneous Dual Emission, including for Alpha Technology
  • Nine decades luminescence dynamic range
  • Full absorbance spectra from 220-1000 nm in less than one second per well
  • Top and bottom reading with focal height adjustment (0.1 mm z-height)
  • All microplate formats up to 3456-well
  • New generation TRF laser for highest performance
  • Dedicated AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA® laser
  • Advanced well scanning with up to 900 data points per well
  • Two onboard, high-precision injectors with simultaneous reagent injection and detection
  • Includes multi-user control and MARS-data analysis software
  • Stacker and robot compatibility

Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for Alpha Technology
In order to maximize efficiency, screening facilities must constantly strive to increase throughput and minimize sample expenditure, while controlling costs. To meet these requirements BMG LABTECH pioneered the technique of Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for microplate readers within the last years. The PHERAstar FSX now implemented Simultaneous Dual Emission detection for AlphaPlexTM increasing throughput significantly by cutting read times in a half.  

Next generation TRF Laser
The outstanding sensitivity of the PHERAstar FSX is based on an innovative optical design including three independent light sources. To ensure best performance for any assay the PHERAstar FSX comes with the next generation laser for TRF/TR-FRET. The new TRF laser accomplishes up to 60 flashes per second which increase throughput and precision of measurement in all plate formats.

For HTS-automation purposes, the PHERAstar FSX offers improved robotic integration capabilities, multi-user control and MARS data analysis software with included digital signature and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance, and can be equipped with BMG LABTECH's Stacker.

The MARS Wizard creates an easy step-by-step calculation of a standard curve and the MARS Template Manager is an excellent tool for building complex data processing protocols. Thus, user-defined data analysis is one mouse click away. Enhanced robotic integration capabilities, digital signature, and the 21 CFR part 11 compliance of MARS complete this software package, making the PHERAstar FSX  the microplate reader of choice.

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