Easyfficient – Automated Extraction of Free C-Circulating DNA: PME Kits

The New PME Technology Simplifies Your DNA Extraction, Increases Your Efficiency and Saves Your Time

The new PME Free-Circulating DNA Extraction Kits solve the problem of the time-consuming DNA extraction process. How? With the new patented Polymer Mediated Enrichment technology (PME).


  • Enrichment and isolation of cell-free DNA from serum, plasma or urine
  • Sample preparation for further downstream-applications in pre-natal diagnostics, the diagnosis of metabolic diseases or sports medicine

The new PME technology it is your new easy, efficient, and time-saving way to process starting sample volumes up to 10 ml. Enrichment and extraction now only last approx. 30 min from 1 ml or approx. 1 h from 5 ml of serum or plasma and up to 10 ml from urine. The PME kit is also proven for serum and plasma from different blood collection systems.

This is how it works: As first step cell-free DNA in the entire sample is captured by a polymer. Afterwards this complex is collected as a pellet by centrifugation. Subsequently the captured nucleic acid is dissolved in a special buffer thus reducing the sample volume in the following extraction significantly.

The PME free-circulating DNA Extraction Kit is available for manual as well as for automated DNA extraction. The automated extraction of free-circulating DNA takes place within the InnuPure® C16 touch. Thus, up to 16 samples are processed in parallel.

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