Automated Pipetting with 96- and 384-Well Microplates: CyBio SELMA

To Be Faster, More Efficient, and More Competitive

  • Semi-automated electronic pipette with 96- or 384-channels within volume range from 500 nl to 1 ml
  • Intuitive operation via multilingual touch screen (German, English, Chinese, Russian)
  • Comfortable selection of different pipetting parameters and saving of methods
  • Column by column pipetting in 96- and 384-well microplates
  • Optional integration of variant accessories like vacuum or shaker for a variety of applications

An open design with two working positions allow the processing of any SBS compliant labware as well as the use of external devices like shakers, vacuum chambers, heating adapters, etc.

Applications like replication and reformatting of microplates, as well as serial dilutions can be executed in seconds. CyBio SELMA is a semi-automatic bench-top pipettor based on well proven HTS technologies of CyBio AG and offers highest precision and robustness. With 96 or 384 disposable tips, all 96 and 384-well microplate formats can be filled in seconds. Automatic tip sealing avoids laborious adjustments and preloaded CyBio-TipTrays guarantee rapid execution within seconds. Custom-racked tip magazines enable even the omission of individual columns and thus, give the user more options to create individual dispense patterns specific to their assay requirements.

CyBio-SELMA is amazingly easy to use via a modern touch screen. All manual operating tasks such as tip change and plate change are shown on the display. Microplates of varying heights and well dimensions can be handled easily by CyBio-SELMA as the pipetting head position is adjusted via a simple dial. Any adjustments such as dispense height, volume and pipetting speed are memorized, retrievable and changeable for regular use anytime.

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