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Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep – Enrichment and Extraction of Microbial DNA from Tissue and Body Fluids

Removal of non-target host DNA for ultra-deep microbiome sequencing

Sensitive characterization of microbial communities

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit is the perfect tool for the selective enrichment and extraction of bacterial and fungal DNA from a variety of tissue and body fluids.

The kit combines protocols for the removal of human/animal host DNA (MolYsis™ technology) and extraction of microbial DNA.

Tissue samples: among others, heart valves, biopsies, brain, abscesses of brain, lymph nodes, liver, lung, skin, gut, FFPE tissue.

Body liquids: among others, blood, CSF, BAL, synovial fluid, pleural fluid, ascites fluid

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit allows for significantly deeper sequencing compared with conventional DNA isolation. The benefits of the kit are:

  • Removal of DNA from the host: The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit allows the enrichment of live bacteria and fungi from samples and the isolation of pure microbial DNA suitable for amplification.
  • Contamination-free microbial DNA isolation: The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit supplies all reagents, buffers, spin columns and plastics required for the sensitive and contamination-free microbial DNA isolation from samples.

DNA enriched by the Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Kit is compatible to commercially available NGS library and sequencing kits.

Product Facts:

  • Sensitivity: Reduced background level for ultra-deep analysis of microbiomes
  • Purity: Ultra-deep microbiome bioanalysis without reagent-borne contamination by bacterial and fungal DNA
  • Extraction validated for a broad-range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi
  • Protocols are available for a variety of tissue and liquid specimens
  • Small to large volume protocols: 0.2 up to 10ml samples
  • Consumables, buffers and reagents are quality controlled for the absence of contaminating microbial DNA

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit can be combined with Molzym's ultra-pure, DNA-free mastermixes and water for contamination-free, high quality analysis.

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