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Eppendorf BioSpectrometer - Maximum Level of Flexibility to Cover a Wide Range of Applications

Easy and efficient analyses that include UV/Vis absorption, fluorescence, kinetic and microvolume

Eppendorf brought its first photometer on the market over 60 years ago. With its current product portfolio, Eppendorf allows you to select the optimal combination of devices and accessories from a large range of products

Simplest handling and guided method procedures make the work on the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer even easier

Unique combination of UV/Vis and fluorescence methods, combined in the BioSpectrometer fluorescence to perform sensitive sample quantification beyond the photometric detection limit

On the BioSpectrometer kinetic, the cuvette shaft can also be tempered in a range of +20 °C to +42 °C, meaning that enzyme and substrate kinetics can be measured directly in the device

Pre-programmed applications enable a quick start while minimizing errors. The direct storage of measurement data in the device prevents loss of valuable results

In 1950, Eppendorf introduced its first photometer to the market. From the very beginning, the focus was on obtaining maximum benefits while using the simplest handling methods. This philosophy has remained unchanged to this day. The current portfolio demonstrates Eppendorfs' expertise in photometry and enables you to select combinations of devices and accessories from a large range of products.

The Eppendorf BioSpectrometers are spectrophotometers that combine easy handling with highly reproducible analysis. The BioSpectrometers can perform UV/Vis scans, measure fluorescence signals or perform kinetic measurements with precise temperature control. A variety of cuvettes expands the options even further from microvolume to macrovolume measurements. The Eppendorf BioSpectrometers allow easy and efficient molecular analyses that include nucleic acid and protein quantification, kinetic studies, and fluorescence detection. Additionally, microvolume measurements are possible in all of our photometers. Although the Eppendorf BioSpectrometers offer a unique level of flexibility, they are extremely easy to use.

The optimized menu navigation guides you through the individual methods step by step. All required entries are visible so no essential data will be omitted. A help box explains the operational sequences and is available in 5 different languages. Furthermore, the software also allows users to easily access pre-programmed methods – a feature which has already proven its value many times over with parent models of the Eppendorf photometers. The BioSpectrometers can measure and record UV/Vis spectral ranges as well as measure individual wavelengths from 200 nm to 830 nm. The freely selectable wavelengths provide maximum flexibility for all current and future applications. In addition to pre-programmed methods for standard measurements, you can also create and store your own methods. Frequently used methods can be saved separately for quick access. The software operation minimizes programming and enables a quick start. Take advantage of our expertise by achieving optimum results in your laboratory

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