The All-In-One Solution for Western Blotting

Blocking, Primary and Secondary Antibody in One Step

ReadyTector® is the all-in-one detection solution for Western blotting.

ReadyTector contains everything you need for fast, all-in-one immunodetection. Only a specific primary antibody has to be added. All-in-one means that one solution contains everything you need, and the entire process takes place in a single work step - blocking and binding of the primary and secondary antibody occur simultaneously. The next step is just a washing sequence using the special ReadyTector Wash buffer.

Despite the fast, all-in-one incubation process, ReadyTector reduces background, allowing users to generate clear, distinct bands suitable for publishing.

ReadyTector for Western blotting – easy, quick and clear

  • easy – simple to use
  • quick – very fast procedure with very quick results
  • clear – no background

ReadyTector kits include the all-in-one solution and Wash buffer, each in 40, 120 and 500 mL bottles.

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