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PipeJet™ Nanodispenser - From the first drop into the production - for LifeScience and Industry

Highly precise, highly flexible and easy to dispense - No cleaning, easily scalable

The new generation of PipeJet P9 Nanodispensers is even easier to use and offers high flexibility and precision in the nanoliter dispensing. The PipeJet Nanodispenser is the perfect companion from application development to your production

The PipeJet dispensing pipes are available in different diameters and variations. They allow a reliable separation between the liquid and the mechanical components of the Nanodispensers.

The PipeJet control electronics are easy to integrate and can processes external trigger signals. With the provided DLLs, you can integrate all PipeJet functions into your system.

The PipeJet Control software gives you full control over the PipeJet Nanodispenser. Organize your dispensing operations easy with the prefabricated application-blocks that you can put together using drag-and-drop.

The PipeJet Nanodispenser is ideal for the development of new applications and the miniaturization of your existing applications. It is the perfect companion from application development to your production.

BioFluidix‘ liquid handling competence is appreciated by our customers as well as in international research. Innovation is our drive.

That’s why BioFluidix is active in different governmental and European funded research projects. Within the scope of the PASCA-project BioFluidix has developed a platform which is able of single-cell dispensing.

Due to its flexibility, the PipeJet dispensing technology has already been established in the following areas:

Life Science:

  • Printing of Lateral Flow Assays
  • Printing of microarrays
  • Filling of microfluidic chips
  • Miniaturization of Assays
  • Stressless dispensing of living cells


  • Coating of medical products
  • Printing of adhesives and lubricants
  • Dispensing of flux, laquer and resin
  • Surface optimization by coating

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost savings through reduced downtime of the system because no cleaning is required. All dispensing elements are inexpensive disposables and at the same time suitable for long-term use
  • Cost savings due to extremely low dead volume, of 7μl per dispensing channel
  • No risk of contamination by non-contact droplet generation in the drop-on-demand mode
  • Flexibility in the development of your application by adjustable single droplet volume in the range of 2 nl - 60 nl
  • Easy to use with intuitive software control
  • Easy integration into your production line
  • Precise performance, even with difficult liquids
  • USP class VI certified materials

PipeJet Nanodispenser Kit

The PipeJet Nanodispenser kit includes everything you need to realize your application. It includes a PipeJet dispensing module and the control electronics as well as the intuitive PipeJet control software.

In order to allow the simplest possible integration of the PipeJet Nanodispenser, the control electronics processes external trigger signals. Additionally, the complete PipeJet functionality can be embedded into your system via the provided DLLs.

We look forward to realize your dispensing application

Request information now or download our brochure.

We are happy to answer your questions by phone at +49 (0)761 515 696 87

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