DNA-Free Water for PCR

Ultra Pure, DNA-Free Water for Precise Molecular Analysis with Utmost Reliability

PCR can be prone to false-positive results due to contamination of PCR reagents with microbial DNA.

Thus, DNA-free water is an essential component in a variety of applications from molecular infection diagnosis to sterility control of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and medical products and SNP and other hereditary mutation analysis.

Molzym’s DNA-free water is a high quality PCR-grade water that is validated for use in sensitive PCR and Real-Time PCR assays demanding highest accuracy of analysis.

Each lot undergoes a strict quality control management guarantying high and consistent product quality.

Product specification:

  • DNA-free
  • PCR-grade
  • High and consistant product quality
  • PCR and Real-Time PCR tested (≥40 cycles)

In combination, Molzym offers a series of ultra pure DNA-free PCR reagents including highly active Taq DNA polymerase, MolTaq 16S/18S, and various mastermixes for the sensitive detection of bacteria and fungi in clinical samples

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