Azenta's new BioStore Cryogenic Automated Sample Storage System with a Smaller Footprint

The Top 3 Advantages

Store more samples in a limited space


Maintain sample integrity with precise cold chain handling


Report and control inventory data in real time

Get all the benefits of an automated cryogenic storage system that fits in your standard facility

Next-generation automated cryogenic storage solutions, optimized to better suit the limited space available in today’s busy laboratories. Manage high-value inventories which require documented, repeatable processes with greater space efficiency.

Designed to fit spaces under the standard 8 feet ceiling height, this new BioStore storage system gives you the sample security and inventory management you need within a smaller footprint. Key features of Azenta’s new BioStore automated sample storage system are:

Space Efficiency: Industrial design that better fits customer facing application - for more samples stored in a limited space

Process control and risk mitigation: Precise cold chain handling and documentation; repeatable processes, secure login access and onboard monitoring with alarms

Data collection and audit support: Real-time inventory control and reporting; traceability and monitoring for sample safety and future regulatory compliance

  • bio banking

  • cell therapy

  • cryo preservation

  • lab freezer

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