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High sensitivity and multiplexing for DNA/RNA detection and quantification-Naica Digital PCR System

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Easy-to-use and versatility with a single Chip-like consumable


High sensitivity and precision to obtain results in less that 2,5h


Powerful image analysis and intuitive visual inspection

Discover the potential of Crystal Digital PCR - a sensitive, fast and user-friendly solution

The Naica System is the next-generation technology for the absolute detection and quantification of nucleic acids, with high sensitivity and precision that allows identifying mutations in sequences with extremely low concentrations (0.1%).

Key features include:

• True Multiplexing in target detection for up to 3 or 6 fluorescence channels on the same sample

• Easy optimization of your assays with the ability to add cycles or re-image

• A single consumable pre-filled with oil for up to 16 samples per Chip

• Generation of 20,000 – 30,000 droplets

• Detection of up to 5 copies in 25 microliters (0.2 c/uL)

• Higher sensitivity than qPCR

• Recovery of PCR products

• Advanced image analysis software (including the ability to view individual reactions and droplets)

• Provides an unmatching level of confidence in the generated results

Key applications include:

• Absolute quantification (DNA/RNA)

• Copy number variation

• Detection of rare events and mutations

• Gene expression and functional genomics

  • environmental monitoring

  • genome editing

  • liquid biopsy

  • mutation detection

  • PCR

  • Copy Number Variation CNV

  • GMO Testing

  • Rare event detection

  • Virus detection

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