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Every droplet counts - Droplet Digital PCR from Bio-Rad

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

A flexible system that adapts to your requirements, scalable from 8 to 96 reactions per run


Automation simplifies the workflow and allows for high throuput analysis


Approved for use in in-vitro diagnostic and regulatory environment

Complete Solution - The QX-Family: The proper solution for every need

Based on water-emulsion droplet technology, Droplet Digital PCR fractionates a DNA sample in 20,000 droplets. PCR amplification of the template subsequently occurs in each individual droplet, and counting the positive droplets gives precise, absolute target quantification without the need of running standard curves.

Due to these benefits ddPCR is used in different application fields e.g. translational medicine, using liquid biopsies for mutation analysis to quantify cf-tumor DNA. In cell and gene therapy ddPCR is used to accurately quantify AAV and other viral vectors. In food and feed ddPCR is used to quantify genetically modified organisms and sensitively identify species to avoid fraud. In the current coronavirus pandemic ddPCR is used in wastewater surveillance to detect and quantify SARS-CoV-2 and mutations up to 10 days earlier than in clinical samples.

With the QX ddPCR system family we offer a complete solution. The device as RUO or Dx variant, QX Manager software for data acquisition and data analysis. The optional Security Edition allows working within FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliance. Prime ddPCR assays and kits for mutation detection, CNV and gene expression as well as a web design tool to create your individual assays for e.g. genome editing applications is available.

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