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In laboratories across the globe, the Whatman™ brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, and ease of use. Our instinct for simplification helps you to reduce costs, save time, and accelerate the rate of discovery. We can meet the filtration and separations needs of virtually any laboratory with the right Whatman product at the right time.

This filtration reference tool covers Cytiva’s broad range of filter papers, membrane filters, thimbles, filtration devices and laboratory essentials. Choose from these ways to find the Whatman product that meets your specific requirements:

1. industry application: this allows you to easily locate Whatman products by industry or application (p. 6)

2. product type: if you know the type of product you are looking for, such as filter papers or membranes, you can find it quickly using the table of contents (p. 8)

3. product/catalog number: look up Whatman products by name or catalog number through the indices at the back of the product guide (p. 273).

In addition to product information, we've included general quick reference materials such as basic filtration concepts and a chemical compatibility table.

  • sample preparation

  • dissolution testing

  • food and beverage quality testing

  • environmental testing for water air and soil

  • HPLC sample preparation

  • lab filtration

  • particulates/suspended solids

  • analysis and detection of microorganisms

  • liposome extrusion

  • filtration in crude oil

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