Sea Star Lab Information Hub holistic vendor-neutral data management cloud platform

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Data lake as central home for all laboratory data, metadata-driven navigation & queries


Vendor-neutral visualization and processing of raw data, metadata and results


Re-use laboratory data for predictive analytics, statistics, data mining, and AI & ML

A data lake, metadata and master data repository - all in one

Sea Star Lab Information Hub is a lightweight repository for all your laboratory data. It represents a unique combination of a scalable file store and a comprehensive metadata repository and presents a more sustainable approach than traditional SDMS systems.

The metadata capability allows you to not just tag files with additional attributes, but to manage metadata as business objects that can put the data into context. No longer does a data store feel like an unstructured collection of files. Moreover, with detailed visualizations of raw data, results, and metadata, the built-in data processing capabilities of BSSN Software’s Sea Star Lab Information Hub defines the new standard in lab data information and management.

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