MAS-100 NT® portable air samplers for cleanrooms and critical environments

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Efficient: balanced impaction speed provides highest collection efficiency


Accurate: highest airflow accuracy due to precision of sieve plates and integrated mass flow sensor


Cleanroom fit: air flow direction does not disturb unidirectional air flow

Eliminate particle carry-over using MAS-100 NT® viable air sampler with HEPA air exhaust filter

The MAS-100 NT® portable microbial air sampler is the industry standard for use in critical environments. It features a 300- hole perforated lid for optimized impaction speed providing a high collection efficiency. It utilizes standard 90 mm agar plates or can be adapted to fit 55 mm contact plates. This system has the highest airflow accuracy available at ± 2.5% due to an integrated mass flow sensor and therefore allows free exchange of the perforated lids without affecting the accuracy or the calibration of the unit. The units have an impact velocity of 19.6 meters per second and provide isokinetic flow that will not produce turbulence in a laminar flow.

The instrument is independently validated according to ISO 14698 providing high physical efficiency at a D50 of <0.8µm and >80% for biological efficiency. The MAS-100 NT® is now available also with a HEPA exhaust filter or can be upgraded with a filter mounting kit to reduce any risk of cross-contamination between low to high grade cleanroom areas.

MAS-100 NT®by MBV AG, Switzerland,, MBV. Air. Nothing else.

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