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Complete service packages using cutting-edge Next-Generation & Sanger-based sequencing technologies

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Europe-based processing and local customer support


High-quality, accurate results through fully automated sequencing workflows


Transparent, industry-leading turnaround time backed by extensive Europe-wide logistics network

Automated and scalable end-to-end sequencing solutions designed to meet any project need

End-to-End Sequencing Solutions You Can Trust.

Decisions in Pharma, Biotechnology or Agriculture rely on accurate data. GENEWIZ’s wide range of Next-Generation and Sanger sequencing solutions are designed to deliver results you can trust. For more than 20 years, GENEWIZ has been providing genomics services to industry, academia and clinical institutions worldwide, specializing in DNA sequencing and gene synthesis. Additional services include Immunogenomics, Direct Colony and AAV-ITR sequencing.

We offer end-to-end sequencing solutions for any project size or sample type. Our automated processing workflows, from extraction to data analysis, offer optimized scalability and reproducibility, plus cost-effectiveness to provide the highest-quality results that meet your budget and deadline.

Through our central locations in Leipzig and UK, we offer extraordinarily fast turnaround time to our customers in many cities throughout Germany and Europe. Contact our local GENEWIZ team to ask about our convenient logistic solutions and Sanger Express services!

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GENEWIZ Germany GmbH
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