Powerful, refrigerated microliter centrifuge made to measure

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Speed range up to 15,000 rpm


Maximum capacity: 36 x 2 ml


Energy saving and silent thanks to optimal air guidance and smart fan control

Clear application orientation ensures user-friently operation

The compact refrigerated Sigma 1-16K bench centrifuge and the unrefrigerated version Sigma 1-16 are specifically designed for working with microliter tubes. Their outstanding specifications and extensive range of rotors and accessories make this device series especially suitable for research applications with a medium to high volume of samples. Along with a maximum capacity of up to 36 x 2 ml, these devices boast RCF exceeding 20,600 x g, enabling shorter separation times and enhanced separation results. These proven models are used in a wide variety of microbiology applications, such as DNA, RNA or protein isolation. They also have a strong track record in clinical chemistry, paediatrics, biotechnology and bacteriology.

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