SciDiver - Analytical and Biological Data in the Cloud

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Secure Management of Instrument Date in the Cloud


Vendor-neutral visualization of instrument raw and result data


Simple exchange with partners inside and outside your organization

The cloud is here for next generation management of instrument data.

SciDiver brings your analytical and biological data into the Cloud. It works with many analytical techniques and across instrument vendors. Data sharing, collaboration features and fine-grained access control make it easy to work across organizational boundaries.

SciDiver reduces the IT overhead required for managing instrument data. As a fully managed service, it is easy to set up, and cost-effective to run.

A single application for all your instrument data? Look no further. SciDiver supports chromatography and spectroscopy data, bioprocess data, plate readers, and much more. Finally, you can manage all your data about a sample in a single place.

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