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The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

One Stop Shop for smart consumables: From mastering, injection molding, content loading to packaging


Customized development and manufacturing of injection molded parts for your application


Complete value chain including at STRATEC Group: Instrumentation, data solutions and consumables

Microfluidic products for life science and IVD applications

High-quality and cost-effective manufacturing of precision polymer parts and consumables are of utmost importance in the diagnostics and life science industry. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers offers full solutions for the fabrication of macro-, micro-, nano-structured and multi-layer polymer devices.

Frequently beginning with the redesign of the device of interest we enable industrialization for mass production of precision polymer parts at our ISO13485 certified plant. Our consumables are used for a variety of applications including dPCR, Single-Cell Analytics, Molecular Diagnostics, Microfluidics, SamplePrep, NGS and FlowCells.

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