BioSan SIA

Set up your PCR workflow from extraction to analysis using Biosan products

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Unique solutions aimed at facilitating work and eliminating errors.


Complete workflows built with the same user-oriented values in mind.


Safe and reliable equipment for everyday laboratory requirements

Excellent selection of equipment for manual and automated NA extraction, detection and analysis.

Biosan manufactures a range of personal, compact, multifunctional, safe and efficient products that provide full sample preparation solutions for laboratories dealing with nucleic acid extraction and analysis. That includes instruments for sample mixing, centrifugation, thermostating, cabinets for work with DNA, RNA samples, devices for biosafety, manual DNA extraction. Automated DNA extraction and analysis systems are carefully selected to complete the range.

We are focused on solving irreproducibility problems of experimental data, which is usually caused by biomaterials sample preparation and offer new developments only after making sure that they are an ideal solution.  Our PCR product line includes patented centrifuge/vortexes, Multi–Spin devices. These are fully automatic devices for reproducing spin-mix-spin–algorithm for 12 tubes at one time, thus saving time considerably.

We also offer UV-cleaner boxes, that are equipped with a flow-type UV cleaner–recirculator, which provides constant decontamination inside the box during operation.

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BioSan SIA
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