Scale up your pharmaceutical analysis & QC lab efficiency

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Digitally connected lab solutions facilitate inventory management


Digitally connected lab solutions improve traceability and make compliance less complex


Digitally connected lab solutions allow scientists to focus on science

Rely on Merck digital solutions to facilitate your data management and compliance

We offer digital solutions to improve your pharma lab. We have developed ‘intelligent’ reagents (3S and Smart Chemicals) equipped with RFID technology to enable automated data transfer to the titrators. Common chemicals as well as premium-grade solvents for demanding regulated analytical applications are labeled with 2D data matrix barcodes containing all documentation for easy access or transfer to your LIMS or ERP system.

Milli-Q® laboratory ultrapure & pure water purification systems, have been redesigned with touch screens, simple, intuitive dispensing, and digital connectivity for easier use and data management.

Frequently used consumables have been redesigned for efficiency, including RTU reagents, CRMs, and sterile filters and dissolution testing plates. The LANEXO Lab Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System is a new comprehensive digital lab reagent inventory tracking solution designed to create operating efficiencies, improve safety, and facilitate compliance so your lab can move smoothly and confidently into the digital future.

  • RFID labels

  • labels

  • biologics

  • biosimilars

  • regulatory compliance

  • laboratory data management

  • traceability

  • digitalization

  • Lab 4.0

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