Accurate, efficient, and reliable QC analysis of nucleic acids

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Easy set up and programming allows you to use your time efficiently


Easily adapt to changes in your workflow with flexible options.


Identify samples suitable for your applications with quality data.

Reliable Results for Nucleic Acid Analysis

The Agilent Fragment Analyzer systems employ several unique design features to alleviate common quality control choke points. These features include, increased instrument availability, flexible and dependable operations, and customizable runs helping you reach results faster. Using automated parallel capillary electrophoresis, the Fragment Analyzer systems offer nucleic acid quality control for a range of applications, including NGS libraries and cfDNA QC. Simple sample preparation, automated operation, and intuitive analysis software contribute to efficient and accurate measurement. There are three models, varying only in throughput, to fit the needs of any lab.

The Fragment Analyzer systems were designed to improve the efficiency of quality control workflows while keeping researchers in mind. Key instrument features mean you can perform analysis unattended, helping you minimize time to results. These features also allow a smoother transition between the needs of multiple researchers improving your lab’s efficiency.

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