A rapid kinetic assay for early detection of T cell activation

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Early detection of T cell activation


Track real-time modulation of T cell activation


Deliver robust results with standardized protocols and optimized reagents

A novel approach to detect and modulate human T cell activation

Immuno-metabolism is well understood to influence many aspects of immune cell response as both an indicator and controller of immune cell fate, function, and fitness.​

This concept is clearly illustrated in the metabolic ramping of naïve T cells to proliferate following activation signaling, and distinct metabolic phenotypes that drive effector and memory function and T cell persistence.

The new Agilent Seahorse XF Hu T Cell Activation Assay Kit is an optimized turnkey solution that detects T cell activation in minutes, providing a kinetic readout of T cell activation dynamics in real-time. This delivers a unique, early window of T cell biology, enabling researchers to quantify activation kinetics and profile modulators of T cell behavior.

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