Norgren – Manifolds & Integrated Solutions

Fully customized manifolds, integrated fluid control components in one leak-proof drop-in assembly

Custom-engineered fluidic control assemblies.

Integrated valves, air prep and sensors in one leak-proof drop-in assembly.


Ease of assembly and integration

Reduce assembly complexity/time and service complexity through a single subassembly ready to be plugged into a machine

Reduced leak points

Create a dimensionally stable fluid flow path with fewer connections and fewer potential leak points

Reduced footprint

Reduce your device’s footprint & weight

Reduced internal volumes

Reduce the use of reagents and potential for carryover

Norgren expertise:

Experience - Whether it's a pneumatic manifold for medical gas mixing and delivery or flow cells for flow cytometry, we have the breadth of products and expertise to provide engineers and scientists with an OEM fluidic system that is on time, within budget, and to the required specifications. Our team comes from a wide variety of technical backgrounds in engineering, science, and manufacturing. We understand scientific challenges, develop solutions, and deliver quality products.

Flexibility - We understand specifications can change over time, so we have the flexibility to modify project scope and technical requirements to meet the ever changing needs of your product launch.

Integration - Most components are manufactured by our 22 global production facilities. This ensures quality, communication, and seamless integration of components into a unique, robust subassembly. This also allows our production to be easily scalable from low minimum order quantities to dedicated work cells so our production can grow as your business grows.

Quality - Our LEAN and ISO9001:2015 facilities manufacture subassemblies for long-lasting performance and serviceability. We bring every project through a comprehensive process to ensure the final product meets your most demanding specifications through DFMEA, APQP process, first articles, and full production. We handle the most stringent manufacturing requirements leveraging our Class 10000 clean rooms, oxygen cleaning techniques, and our ability to meet and exceed a variety of regulatory compliance standards

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