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Reporter Assays & Tools for Cellular Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Multiplexing for efficient analysis of multiple parameters


Homogeneous assays (add-mix-read) with maximal sensitivity


Flexible Tools to build target-specific assays

Viability, Toxicity, Metabolism, Signaling, Protein- & Gene Regulation, Drug Discovery

Luciferase-catalyzed reactions represent a universal tool for molecular biology research due to their versatility. These enzymes chemically generate bioluminescence which can be detected with high sensitivity. For 30 years, Promega takes advantage of this feature to develop cell-based assays. The development of the bright NanoLuc luciferase gave rise to various technologies that enable the investigation of dynamic processes in living cells under more physiologically relevant conditions. The applications of bioluminescent reporters range from signaling analysis and cellular responses (viability, toxicity, apoptosis, metabolism) to monitoring of dynamic processes at the protein level (protein interactions, translocation, degradation). Besides lytic detection strategies, Promega continuously drives the development of innovation, e.g time course analysis in real-time or analysis of 3D culture models.

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