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Essential products for successful DNA and RNA analysis

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

DNA and RNA workflow - from purification to amplification - from a wide variety of sample types


NGS, enzymes, markers, cloning systems, transfection tools and many more


Solutions for basic research, pharmacology, forensics and molecular diagnostics

Tools and innovative solutions for molecular biology

For 40 years, Promega, as one of the world's largest manufacturers of biological reagents, has been developing Genomic Essentials products. Our expertise in forensics and diagnostics analysis, academic research, pharmacology, and applied sciences is based on many years of experience. Promega offers a comprehensive portfolio for reliable extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from various sample types, such as FFPE tissue, cells, blood, plasmids, PCR products, or challenging samples like food, plants, or wastewater. You can choose between different formats: manual extraction kits, automated purification systems, or high throughput solutions. For sensitive PCR, qPCR (probe- and dye-based), and RT-qPCR reactions, Promega offers highly efficient master mixes in premium quality and individual filling, packaging and composition. Thermostable RNase inhibitors, modifying enzymes, kits, and reagents for epigenetics, quantification, and analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins, as well as all for the successful NGS sample preparation, complete the Genomic Essentials portfolio of Promega.

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