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Magnetic beads based; Validated for COVID-19; For automated extractions; CE IVD coming soon

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Rapid and efficient viral DNA/RNA isolation from respiratory samples and other body fluids


Immediate availability as catalogue sizes, bulk and prefilled plates formats on request, or OEM


Consistent and reproducible results within runs (intra-assay) and between runs (inter-assay)

Rapid, high yield and purity isolation of DNA/RNA; Extracted acid ready for downstream applications

STAR BEADS Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is based on Magnetic Beads technology and designed for the rapid and efficient isolation of high-quality viral DNA and RNA from respiratory samples and other cell-free biological fluids such serum, plasma, urine, cell culture supernatants.

The purified nucleic acids are ready for direct use in downstream applications as PCR and qPCR. STAR BEADS Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit can be used on standard liquid handling instruments or automated magnetic separators. Optimized protocol for RNA extraction from respiratory samples has no need of Proteinase K or reducing agents, offering a fast and simple protocol. Cyanagen supports COVID-19 testing laboratories with a validated protocol for SARS-CoV2 RNA extraction, developed in collaboration with COVID-19 accredited diagnostic laboratories.

Cyanagen has adjusted its production capacity to meet the increasing and extraordinary demand for RNA extraction reagents. The product is available in the standard catalogue sizes, or, on-demand, in bulk or prefilled plates formats, or as OEM.

  • mRNA isolation

  • RNA purification

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