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Contaminant-free products to support your research during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Ideal for nucleic acid extraction, RT-PCR diagnostic panel, and SARS-Cov-2 multiplex assay


Validated Sterile SAL (10-6) as mandated by the CDC


Quality Tested with lot certificates available for proper documentation

Diagnostic product include RNase/DNase free centrifuge tubes, filter tips, and qPCR plates

Labcon’s COVID-19 Diagnostic Products are ideal for CDC protocol for nucleic acid extraction from sputum specimen, the RT-PCR diagnostic panel, and Influenza SARS-Cov-2 multiplex assay. All products are quality tested RNase/DNase free, endotoxin (pyrogen) free, and validated sterile with an SAL 10-6 with lot certificates available for proper documentation.

Our Specimen Collection and Transport Tubes are IATA 95kPa certified for air and ground transportation of UN3373 Biological and Infectious Substances. Our (micro)centrifuge tubes are leak-resistant with the highest spin rates on the market. The ZAP aerosol filter tips offer complete protection from contamination with the smallest porosity and added protease and human DNA testing. Deep well plates are available for high throughput of sample in automated processing and/or long-term storage. Our qPCR plates are designed to fit most popular thermocyclers with optimal white wells to eliminate light scattering and ensured accurate readings. Implement our ACT labeled products and reduce the overall environmental footprint.

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