HPTLC Systems for Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Complete flexibility during the analysis in all plate sizes


Reproducible analysis using a standardized methodology (e.g. Ph.Eur. <2.8.25>, USP <203>)


Multiple detection and documentation

Maximum flexibility for your specific analytical requirements

Wherever complex substance mixtures are analyzed, HPTLC can be an excellent alternative to GC and HPLC and a source of complementary information. Moreover, HPTLC has proven its value as a reliable quantitative analysis technique for the quality control of raw materials and products.

CAMAG offers a broad range of automated HPTLC instruments and combined systems for qualitative and quantitative analyses, tailored to your specific requirements; whether you are a lab dealing with a few samples or a lab focusing on high sample-throughput or effect-directed analysis. The workflow organization, instrument control, and data evaluation is handled by the visionCATS HPTLC software.

The user interface is easy to navigate and effectively guides you through the chromatographic process – from sample definition to reporting of results. Simply select one of the default methods and start working: fill in the track assignment table, select a developing solvent and the derivatization reagent and run the analysis.


  • high performance thin layer chromatography

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