High Performance Pilot Freeze Drying Systems for Process Development and Small-Batch Series Production

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Perfect for research and development


High performance and high efficiency


Integrated, innovative tools for process optimization

The best for process optimization

Pilot freeze drying systems from Martin Christ are perfect suited for research and development. They are also the perfect choice for series production. Users can choose among five models. Each provides the best possible results in freeze drying solids or liquids in a wide variety of containers, such as Lyo-Vials, flasks, trays, glass bulbs, microtiter plates, and ampoules.

Innovative tools are available for process optimization. E.g. the camera system LyoCam 2.0, with which processes can be monitored transparently and seamlessly. Or the wireless product temperature measurement WTMplus 2.0, which ensures precise measurement results in all phases of freeze drying. LyoCoN ensures fast crystallization for controlled freezing at the push of a button.

Convenient for scale-up: The proven SCADA system LPCplus with intuitive user interface, which is also used for complex production systems, can be used for all pilot freeze dryers.

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