Faster, Smarter Flow Cytometry

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Relieve capacity bottlenecks throughout your entire experiment with the fastest plate sampling


Conserve precious samples and reagents by sampling as little as a microliter from miniaturized assays


Dramatically reduce time to decision with novel visualization tools to get actionable results faster

Get from samples to actionable results in record time with the iQue advanced flow cytometry platform

The iQue3 system is the most advanced flow cytometry platform available today with a focus on achieving actionable results in record time with an ease of use that is unparalleled. A complete platform solution of instrument, software and reagents streamlined to rapidly generate results not just data.

Whether your destination is identifying a new drug candidate, screening for specific antibody clones, characterizing T Cells or developing the latest immunotherapy, the iQue3 can get the answers to your research questions faster. Enabling your research to stay ahead of the curve.

  • cell proliferation

  • immunophenotyping

  • immune cell profiling

  • flow cytometry

  • antibody screening

  • antibody binding assays

  • cytokine profiling

  • functional characterization

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