Compact Fluorescence Microscope: Capture publication-quality images quickly and easily

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High resolution fluorescence, phase contrast and brightfield images with one system


Simple, intuitive handling and therefore suitable as a multi-user device


Space-saving design with integrated darkroom

Adaptable to research requirements thanks to modular structure

The compact fluorescence microscope BZ has a variety of functions that simplify, accelerate and improve research. The space-saving design, the simple construction and the darkroom integrated into  the system allow it to be used in a freely selectable working environment. Thus, high-contrast fluorescence images are possible even in brightly lit rooms.

The microscope is characterized by its intuitive handling and is therefore suitable as a multi-user device. Because the user-friendly software ensures fully automatic control of all processes, every user can quickly and easily capture publishable images in print-ready quality. The system enables clear, high-contrast fluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast images and the viewing of a wide variety of samples which can be prepared in slides, dishes, multiwells or cell culture flasks.  

Thanks to the modular design of the BZ fluorescence microscope with its wide range of viewing and analysis modules, such as imaging cytometry or time-lapse imaging of living cells, the system can always be adapted to the respective research requirements.

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