Stericup® E and Steritop® E Filtration Systems

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Reduce environmental impact


Fastest media throughput for less clogging


Reliable sterile filtration

Our engineers innovate for your lab—and for our world

For more than six decades, Merck® minds have led the design and manufacture of membrane devices for the filtration needs of life scientists, enhancing and elevating sterile culture technique with the iconic Stericup® and Steritop® filtration devices.

Our engineers found a device design that retains exceptional Stericup® filtration while providing your lab a way to dramatically reduce the use of disposable plastic and packaging materials. Whether your goal is green lab certification, or just a smaller footprint, both the Stericup® E and Steritop® E filters are designed to ensure trouble-free cell culture, while diminishing environmental impact in multiple ways.

Stericup® E devices flip sterile filtration on its head—literally! We’ve eliminated the need for the plastic filler funnel by creating a way to attach standard media bottles or glassware directly onto the filter unit. Simply invert the Stericup® E filter/receiver bottle assembly and thread onto the bottle containing media or buffer. Then, simply flip the assembly over, attach to vacuum, and watch sterile filtration happen. Steritop® E saves even more plastic by allowing you to attach the filter to your own compatible, reusable labware receiver bottle before threading onto the bottle containing unfiltered media.

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