Expanded application range for large benchtop centrifuge

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Stop changing rotor or buckets: use new universal adapters for bottles, plates and conical tubes


Spin the bottle: DNA extraction and lysate clearance in 250 mL bottles at speeds above 15,000 x g


Free up your bench: place centrifuge 5920 R on, under or beside your bench with new mobile tables

We added versatility to extraordinary high capacity for easier high-throughput centrifugation

Cell harvests in bottles up to 1,000 mL, large scale DNA isolation, lysate clearance and density gradient centrifugation, just to name a few of many areas of use. Refrigerated Centrifuge 5920 R offers a comprehensive program of fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors for vessels ranging from 0.5 mL to 1,000 mL in volume. It is therefore suitable for countless applications in many different workflows.

The new and unique universal adapters facilitate even quicker loading. This system allows centrifugation of conical vessels up to 50 mL, plates, and 250 mL bottles for the first time without the need to change rotor or rotor buckets.

The new fixed-angle rotor FA-6x250 allows simultaneous centrifugation of six 250 mL bottles at speeds exceeding 15,000 x g – thus considerably expanding the application spectrum of Centrifuge 5920 R.

Is space a limited resource in your lab or are you looking for an ergonomic positioning of Centrifuge 5920 R? The new Eppendorf mobile tables save precious benchtop space and provide the freedom and flexibility to use your Centrifuge 5920 R wherever you need it.

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