CO2 Incubator CellXpert® from Eppendorf - Ready for the Cell Culture of Tomorrow

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Eppendorf Quality - Made in Germany


Flexible for the future of your cell culture lab - many upgradeable options and VisioNize®


Saves costs – up to 8300€ in five years (e.g. by lower CO2-consumption and up to 25% more usable space)

Reliable cell culture results - with significantly reduced efforts and costs

Are you looking for a CO2 incubator that is easy to clean and offers reproducible growth conditions for sensitive cells? A CO2 incubator that significantly reduces running costs and makes your cell culture lab flexible for the future with upgradeable options? Discover the CellXpert C170i - the first CO2 incubator engineered by Eppendorf and produced in Germany to the highest quality standards. 

With its smooth internal chamber, few fast to remove internal parts, 180°C sterilization, and the fanless design, the CellXpert offer reliable contamination protection – with remarkable fast recovery rates after door opening. The fanless design also protects your cells from vibrations and omits the need for fan-associated HEPA-filters. These can pose a contamination risk by themselves because of missing resistance to sterilization temperature. In addition, regular replacement of fan-associated HEPA-filters generates costs up to 1000€ over five years – costs that can be saved with the CellXpert.  

Discover the new CellXpert CO2 incubator from Eppendorf and make your cell culture ready for the future - explore more in the video below.

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