faCellitate a venture of Chemovator GmbH

BIOFLOAT 96-well plate - explore a surface which guarantuees perfect spheroids for your experiments

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Rapid formation of spheroids


Round, uniform spheroids for perfect data consistency


Reliable 3D cell culture culture with difficult cell lines

The BIOFLOAT 96-well plate is the second-generation spheroid plate

The BIOFLOAT 96-well plate provides a highly defined and cell-repelling surface. It is fully inert and it outperforms existing products by its anti-adhesive properties.

Consequently, spheroids are generated faster - your experimental timeline shortens.

The consistent quality of the BIOFLOAT surface makes it a premium product for spheroid culture, ensuring reproducible data for all kinds of cell lines, including cells which completely fail to generate spheroids on existing products.

Are you still struggling with more than one spheroid per well? Eliminate satellites and irregular aggregates with our 96-well plate!

BIOFLOAT is the first spheroid plate which outcompetes hanging drops in performance and provides the convenient and high-throughput compatibility of a 96-well plate.

Learn more about our product and get a free sample on www.facellitate.com

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faCellitate a venture of Chemovator GmbH
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    faCellitate a venture of Chemovator GmbH

    faCellitate is a venture belonging to BASF’s Materials Research, providing interactive consumables for advanced cell technologies and regenerative medicine in the 3D cell culture market. Its unique polymeric platform aims at supporting cancer and stem cell research, drug discovery, toxicolo ... more