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An easy solution for automated protein purification in laboratory scale

The Top 3 Advantages

The system comes with turnkey protocols for Protein A and IMAC purification.


Easy automation for high reproducibility and labor savings.


Up to 95% yield and 95% protein sample purity by PhyTip column technology.

Good research starts with excellent protein purification

Highly pure protein samples are essential for reliable and reproducible results in the development of biopharmaceuticals, enzyme engineering and biomarker discovery. The MEA 2 system is an easy to use and trustworthy solution for laboratory scale protein purification. Regardless if you are working with expression screening, lead characterization or library screening, the MEA 2 provides highly pure protein samples with unmatched reproducibility and complete control, every time.

By the use of our proprietary PhyTip column technology, samples are processed by dual flow chromatography - for high protein yield, high sample purity and complete control of the purification process. The gentle purification process maintains the native state and biological activity of the protein. The unique design of the PhyTip column enable elution of protein in high concentrations - for easier detection in following analyses. 

The MEA 2 system can be used with PhyTip columns packed with a wide range of chromatography resins - such as Protein A, Protein G, IMAC, ProPlus, C18 and desalting gel filtration media. To ensure that you will get the best results, our dedicated application support helps you get started with your protein purification protocol.

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